Whole 30 for Healing: Week One

Prepping a rainbow for week one of Whole 30

This last pregnancy really took a toll on my body. It’s been three months and I am still struggling with intense back pain. Debilitating really, I have a hard time walking, I am in constant pain at all times. I went to my doctor and he recommended a chiropractor. The chiropractor was great and gave me a simple exercise to do to strengthen my abs. Once I get core strength the pain will subside.

So I’ve been doing the exercise which is to lay on my side and push my knees into the palms of my hands and hold. It sounds so simple, it is really, but I am in such bad shape that it is a real workout for me. Now I’m a bit stubborn, and honestly just frustrated, so I am also incorporating The Whole 30 Program to drop some weight off of this hurting body.

The Whole 30 Program is 30days of eliminating dairy, legumes, grains, sugar and alcohol from your diet. I did this 4 years ago and lost 30 pounds and felt AH-MAZING! I had so much energy, and for this only parent of 3 I could certainly use an energy boost. I am now on Day 4 of The Whole 30 program and I am starting to come out of the fog. I am almost out of the detox phase and starting to feel my energy improve.

Day 1 was relatively easy, I started my morning with black coffee (I made the switch to black 4 years ago when I did this), got the big kids to school and nursed the little one to sleep and took a nap! Cause you know naps are the bestest! We woke up and headed to the grocery store. I bought 6 dozen eggs, yes 6!!! A couple flats of chicken breast and a ton of veggies and some fruit. That’s it. Sounds simple, right? It is! I didn’t plan very well for this day but I did throw a flat of chicken in the beloved instant pot and snacked on chicken and tomato slices and apples the rest of the day.

My favorite thing about the Whole 30 program is that it simplifies so many things. Grocery shopping, meal planning and prep become so much simpler when you limit the amount of options. Kind of like a capsule wardrobe, fewer choices make things easier! Protein, vegetables and fruit. Do you realize how many grocery aisles you do not have to go down shopping this way. It’s awesome!

Day 2 I did some food prep, I made a super delicious veggie mix that I love to have with eggs and homemade hashbrowns. It is also great on salads or with meat. I also made a huge pot of stew in the instant pot.

Day 3 was a rough one. I definitely felt like I was detoxing and had very low energy. I had  a bad headache and a sore throat. I spent the day in bed with my sweet little baby (poor me haha) and ordered Panera to be delivered for my daughters. I was even able to find a salad that was Whole 30 complaint for myself. I just left off the dressing and used my homemade super yummy mustard dressing.

Day 4 I am feeling so much better, started with black coffee, eggs, leftover delicious veggie mix and hashbrowns. I’m nursing so I pay no attention to portion size, honestly I wouldn’t either way! I love food, and portion control is just not gonna happen! I will be posting the rest of this Whole 30 process so watch for that and will be posting the recipes I use along the way.

Have you tried Whole 30? I would love to hear your experience. And if you have any questions, I will make sure to answer them


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